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Uniquely SLO

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Manufacturing & Tech

David Cryden 
Certified Financial Planner

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EcoPlanners, LLC
Green Living, Interior Design

Scott Brennan
Access Publishing Outdoor/Active lifestyle

Sarah Day
San Luis Kitchen Co. Kitchen/Bathroom Design

Eric Foronjy 
Hague Quality Water
Water quality, facts, figures

Saving Water: Finding the Most Efficient Water Heaters


Water heating is the second largest energy user in the home, just behind the refrigerator. In this time of draught, how can we make our water heating more efficient? Here are a few heating systems to take a look at…. READ MORE

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Editor in Chief, Columnist: Rylan Stewart ( 

We deal in housing, but it takes more than a building to call a place home… it is the people, events, and businesses. So we started the SLO County Locals Blog to explore the spirit of the Central Coast.


Kitchen of the Month: A Short and Sweet Story

San Luis Kitchen Banner

By Sarah Day
San Luis Kitchen Co.


It’s a straightforward remodel this month.  The homeowners wanted to keep the plan of the kitchen relatively unchanged as they were hoping to save the satillo floor tile – this constrained the design somewhat, but no problem, San Luis Kitchen could handle it.

The old kitchen was blah with slab style doors in a drab brown finish, fake wood laminate counters and funky mismatched appliances.  The homeowners are of a Hispanic background and have a lively, bright decorative style.

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San Luis Obispo’s Oldest Buildings

San Luis Obispo is an old, history-rich city, and it shows in its architecture. We have put together a list of some of the oldest local buildings, which have stood since the 1700 and 1800s.

We would like to extend a warm “thank you” to the History Center of San Luis Obispo, whose employees were extremely kind and helpful. Check them out for any local history inquiries!

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Hague Quality Water: proper plumbing for water systems

slo locals hague

Imagine moving into your new home, with new shower doors and faucets. You paid good money for a water treatment system only to discover that the house was never plumbed properly to protect everything from the water problems. Many people experience this reality when we come to do an installation.

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Kitchen of the Month: French Country in SLO County

San Luis Kitchen Banner

By Sarah Day
San Luis Kitchen Co.

There are some very beautiful country homes in San Luis Obispo County. The one we are looking at this month is superbly placed in the rolling hills off Orcutt road just south of San Luis. Surrounded by vineyards, horse ranches, and open land, the home is in a great location that is reasonably close to town while retaining a secluded air.

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10 Reasons San Luis Obispo is one of the Greenest, Cleanest Cities in California

San Luis Obispo County is blessed with natural beauty, and luckily it isn’t something that locals take for granted. SLO County Locals intern Katrina Borges put together a list of 10 standout examples of San Luis Obispo’s effort to keep itself clean, sustainable, and fresh.

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How to Navigate Lighting Design: Energy Regulation Inspires Creative Interior Design Solutions

slo locals ecoplanners

The Bright Side of Title 24 Lighting Design

When my sister was about three years old, she stuck a bobby-pin in a plug outlet. It knocked her back about 10 feet.  Fortunately she survived to learn a valuable lesson. By experience or observation, most of us don’t want to get anywhere near those electrifying pulses. However, Heather Gray, principal electrical engineer with Gray Electrical Consulting + Engineering (GECE), loves the mystery and excitement of electricity and lighting. In a recent interview, Heather shared some tips and advice with me.

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Tip of the Week: Investment Strategies in 2014

Does A Rising Tide Really Float All Boats?

By David W. Cryden, VP, CFP
Blakeslee & Blakeslee

David Cryden 

DWC Photo 3 6 7 13Blakeslee & Blakeslee 
Co-Owner, Vice President & Certified Financial Planner

By and large, the past few years have been a great period for the financial markets. They have pretty much seem only one direction, up! I think it’s terrific for investors to be making money across the board. In the long run, it’s important to remember that not all stocks/businesses are created equally.

Here’s what I mean by my last remark. In the fall of 2008, the world nearly fell apart economically. As we all know, the result was a vastly oversold stock market. There were good reasons to be afraid. No one knew for sure what was going to happen in the global economy. When reflecting back on that six month period, it’s easy to see that in the end, emotions ruled the day. (I should note that emotions are not your best friend when it comes to making investment decisions.)  Worldwide, we ended up with many greatly oversold stocks.

Amazingly, nearly six years have gone by since Financial Crisis of 2008. Most common stocks have pretty much risen to more reasonable or fair valuations. Many people would say that stocks today are not oversold, or inexpensive, any longer. Nor could most be called overvalued. That leaves us with more or less what we could call, fair or reasonable valuations in the stock markets.

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What could this mean for an investor today? In the end, making money is about owning good companies at fair prices which have the strong potential to increase their profit and value over long periods of time. That’s what I call: Fundamental Investing. Sticking with the basics has historically been a good way to invest. All you have to do is take a look at what Warren Buffett has done in becoming one of the richest men in the world to validate this way of investing. Warren Buffett is a fundamental long term value oriented investor. He’s a great stock picker!

When you look at results, the great investors stick to the basics and make their money through the methods above. I believe we are no longer in a period where a rising tide will float all boats (stocks) equally.

I think we’re going into a period where the stock markets could perform reasonably well.  However, I think this could be a period where those who practice the basics and are good stock pickers perform better than those who simply hope that a rising tide will float all stocks. In the end, great businesses owned at fair or good values should win the day. Those who understand them and are able to identify and invest in them should show better results.

If you have any questions or comments on this week’s tip, feel free to drop me an email.


David Cryden is Co-Owner, Vice President, Certified Financial Planner™ at Blakeslee & Blakeslee, a financial planning and investment company based in San Luis Obispo. Reach him by email ( or phone (805.544.PLAN). David works out of the home office in San Luis Obispo. Member FINRA. Member SIPC. 


2014 outlook: thoughts on the economy, real estate, and more in the New Year

[Editor's Note: We are excited to welcome David Cryden to the SLO County Locals team! David Cryden is Part-Owner, Vice President, Certified Financial Planner™ at Blakeslee & Blakeslee, a financial planning and investment company based in San Luis Obispo. He will be blog weekly, discussing markets, economics, and a wide variety of financial planning issues.]

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Salt or no salt? Salt water softeners prove to be the most effective

slo locals hague

Don’t believe “no-salt” water softener marketing; the most effective softeners typically use salt

Let me be the first to say that I don’t like putting salt in my water softener. I don’t like putting gas in my car or and I don’t like brushing my teeth. It just has to be done or bad things will happen. Admittedly, I am a water snob. I’ve got a whole family of water snobs, not because we enjoy putting our nose up to bad water, but because my wife and kids have sensitive skin that will be damaged by untreated water. I’m not such a sensitive flower when it comes to my skin.

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Kitchen of the Month: Creating a Kitchen that Complements the Home

One morning a nice gentleman came into San Luis Kitchen’s showroom and introduced himself as a local contractor who was interested in remodeling his own kitchen.  It turns out that he had worked with us on several projects (for clients) many years ago, and now that he was ready to redo his own home, he remembered the quality of our cabinets and the creativity we brought to design.  So he came to see us.

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