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Beginning 8/2/14, Mortgage Matters will air from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.


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Recent Episodes

  • Lenny Grant (8/23), Patterson Realty
  • Wes Burk (8/16), Patterson Realty
  • Alicia DiGrazia (8/9), Re/Max Real Estate
  • No Guest (8/2)
  • Lindsey Harn (7/26), Team Sweasey Real Estate

Episode Archives



Mortgage Matters Radio: July 12 (NEW)

Guest: Dale Kaiser, Realtor (based in Cayucos)

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). July 12, 2014 (link to episode).



Mortgage Matters Radio on KVEC 920 (July 12): Dale Kaiser, Realtor

Dale Kaiser, President and Owner of Dale Kaiser Real Estate Inc., will be joining hosts Dan and Jason on Mortgage Matters this Saturday (July 12) on KVEC 920 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Kaiser is a realtor based on the California Central Coast with a specialty in coastal properties. He also has the distinction of owning the domain name ““; hopefully somebody asks him how he managed to get in the ground floor on that one!

Here is the bio published on his website:

Dale Kaiser, President/Owner of Dale Kaiser Real Estate Inc. is an astute businessman with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of San Luis Obispo County beach property and the people who own it.

Dale has emerged as the broker of choice most widely associated with the unique coastal properties including Cayucos, Morro Bay, Cambria and San Simeon. Dale has worked closely with the California Coastal Commission and the County of San Luis Obispo Planning and Building Department for over 30 years giving his clients a distinct advantage that comes from wisdom, experience and knowledge.

Dale and his wife Carly live in Cayucos with their precious daughter Avery and classy canines, Chloe and Hank.

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Mortgage Matters Radio: June 28 (NEW)

Guest: Kristen Crabtree, Realtor (Century 21 Real Estate)

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). June 28, 2014 (link to episode).


Mortgage Matters: July 5 (REPEAT)

This week for Mortgage Matters on KVEC 920 (10 a.m. to 12 noon), we will be airing a repeat of last week’s episode (June 28) with Kristen Crabtree. Miss the episode? Now is your chance to hear it! We will have the online copy available early next week.


Mortgage Matters (NEW): June 28 (Guest: Kristen Crabtree)

We are excited to welcome realtor Kristen Crabtree of Century 21 Real Estate on Mortgage Matters radio this Saturday, June 28.  Tune in to KVEC 920 from 10 a.m. 12 noon. for the show!

From Kristen’s bio:

I got into real estate because I used to drive around neighborhoods with my friends and tell them details and prices of every house on the market. My friends began suggesting that I get into it for a living since I was obviously really passionate about it.

I started working in real estate when the market first began to plummet in mid-2006. This is a plus, because I have had to learn to work hard for my clients since I have never had an easy market.

I know that buying and selling real estate is the biggest decision most people ever face.

For buyers, I have a system designed to get you in your dream home at the price you want to pay in your timeframe. For sellers, I have a system designed to expose your home to more buyers than any other company.

I specialize in ocean view, oceanfront, vineyard properties, and homes on acreage; and specifically in a beautiful Pismo Beach neighborhood called Pismo Heights. But I am also an REO & Short Sale specialist, helping you to find a great deal on a foreclosed home.

Contact Kristen with any of your real estate questions:

  • 805-540-9962
  • [email protected]

Miss the episode? Check out our Soundcloud page for free episode downloads.


Mortgage Matters Radio: June 21 (NEW)

Guest: Wes Burk, Realtor (Patterson Realty)

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). June 21, 2014 (link to episode).


Mortgage Matters radio on KVEC 920: June 21 (NEW)

Join hosts Dan Podesto and Jason Grote for Mortgage Matters this Saturday (June 21) from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on KVEC 920. Guest Wes Burk, owner of Patterson Realty, will join for the latter hour.

Miss the episode? Check out our Soundcloud page for free episode downloads.


Mortgage Matters Radio: June 14 (NEW)

Guest: None

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). June 14, 2014 (link to episode).


Mortgage Matters Radio: June 7 (NEW)

Guest: None

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). June 7, 2014 (link to episode)



Mortgage Matters Radio: May 17 (NEW) Wes Burk

Guest: Wes Burke, Realtor (Owner of Patterson Realty)

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). May 17, 2014. (link to episode)