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Mortgage Matters Radio: March 1 (NEW)

Guest: Evan Moffitt, KD Janni Landscaping. (episode preview)

Central Coast Lending Soundcloud (full episode downloads). March 1, 2014. (link to episode)

Synthetic Grass (2)

KD Janni Landscaping: The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass

When I think back about fake grass, I think of the stuff you would buy from the hardware store that was pale green and looked more like green carpet. The synthetic grass industry has come a long way, and the landscape industry has started to focus on water conservation and sustainable landscapes. Read more »


Think Before you ‘Scape

In this month’s installment of his Professional Insight blog, Landscaper Evan Moffitt discusses the importance of having a design plan for your landscaping, and explains the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer. Read more »


Preparing for Spring – KD Janni Landscaping

[Editors note: Evan Moffitt of KD Janni Landscaping will be a regular contributor to our Professional Insight Blog. He will write on the first Tuesday of every month with useful tips about how to keep your landscaping healthy and attractive].

Read more »