Attentive Service

“The experience was smooth and effortless.”
Patrick McClintock, Atascadero
“The service could not be improved upon – it was A+”
Arlene Coppola, Los Osos
“The speed and easiness of communication through email, always flexible to accommodate our schedule.”
Berkeley and Meghan Lindt, Atascadero
“When I first contacted Central Coast Lending, I told them what I was interested in doing and then within three or four hours I received an email with six different rates from a specific bank that they used and each of those rate had a breakdown on the closing cost, which included fees going to broker, fees going to bank and fees going to the title company. I have never experienced that before and I thought it was really terrific.”
John Achterkirchen, Morro Bay
“[Central Coast Lending] did it in less than a month and a half, after waiting almost a year with another agent.”
Carlos and Maria Lomeli, Paso Robles
“Communication through telephone and emails was excellent with updates on the loan…”
R. David and Helen Cantu, San Luis Obispo
“Good explanation of process and forms. Always kept up-to-date during the loan processing.”
Anthony and Kathleen Toscano, Morro Bay
“Thank you for the highest quality service I’ve seen in a long time!”
Bill and Lori Tatum, Arroyo Grande
“Courteous, friendly, and extremely efficient.”
Russ and Stephanie Siverling, Los Osos
“Every aspect of this process went well! I will be counting on CCL for any future loans.”
James Bruhns, Paso Robles
“You’ve been one of the most accommodating lenders I have ever worked with.  Lending is my weakness in the process so it’s great to have a resource like you and your team!” 
Jennifer L, Local Realtor

Expert Staff

“We were able to get clear answers to all the questions we asked. Great professionals!”
Maria Buenrostro, Paso Robles
“Central Coast Lending was able to process complicated documents with ease and kept us informed throughout the process.”
Ryan and April Luis, Arroyo Grande
“Our transaction was complex due to various family entities. It was difficult but successful. Great job!”
Donald and Elisa Cameron, Cambria
“You made the process of refinancing two mortgages simple and painless by taking care of details that most brokers expect their clients to do. Your clear explanations were greatly appreciated.”
Naomi Howard, Shell Beach
“Information and explanations at the beginning of the process were thorough and clearly explained. All my questions were answered very professionally and in a timely manner!”
Deborah Lagomarsino, Paso Robles
“Thank you for doing such a great job! I have already referred my insurance agent and will be referring others!”
Frances Hallwood, Los Osos
“Worked tenaciously to put this loan together. We appreciate [the] advice and support to get the job done.”
Spencer and Linda Meyer, San Luis Obispo
“Clear, simple, straightforward.”
Lee and Christine Johnson, Morro Bay
“It was a smooth process with clear and accurate information.”
Michael and Vita Miller, Los Osos
“All aspects of our transaction went extremely well. It was flawless.”
Patrick and Bonnie McKim, San Luis Obispo
“In the 31 years we have been married, this was without a doubt one of the easiest major transactions we’ve completed. Bob Moss’s professionalism was very much appreciated.”
Jim and Lis Covello, Cambria
“Bob, you are honestly the best lender I have ever worked with! Professional, informative, honest, punctual, kind, …you’ve got it all! Thanks so much for making the process a great experience.”
Rebekah Emehiser, Patterson
“Thank you Bob,
You made this process painless and smooth as butter.”
Chris Moffat, Morro Bay

Going the Extra Mile

“Our transaction was complex due to various forming entities involved. It was difficult but very successful. Great job Central Coast Lending!”
Donald and Elisa Cameron, Cambria
“Overcame many obstacles along the way, and succeeded in getting me a good load.”
Anne Bussone, Los Gatos
“This was a painless process and you succeeded where conventional banks failed me.”
Susan Manbeian, Pismo Beach
“Extraordinary service… went above and beyond the call of regular duties and the typical service of a broker. Exceeded our expectations in every way!”
Stacey Rucas, Atascadero
“Determined to see this loan succeed… went the extra mile for us to secure this loan.”
Ron and Ann Alers, Arroyo Grande
“My request for a ‘no cost’ refinance was met perfectly. Thank you… for your resolute attention and sharp strategies and knowledge!”
James Lopes, San Luis Obispo


Best Price

“We were offered an excellent rate with the lowest escrow costs we’ve ever paid. We felt that we have never been dealt with so fairly and honestly.”
Jill and Donald Stegman, Atascadero
“Advertised interest rate was met! Excess appraisal cost covered!”
Kent and Elena Stokes, Arroyo Grande
“Central Coast lending succeeded in locking in our rate and getting us the lowest available rate.”
Harold and Kay Johnson, Arroyo Grande
“Entire process was smooth and efficient, and affordable. Thank you.”
Stuart and Joanne Stoddard, Paso Robles
“We had a higher interest and we saved quite a bit of money with Central Coast Lending because they got us a good rate. We saved about $350 a month financing with them.”
Marlene and Duncan McQueen, Los Osos
“We did look at other quotes, and we are not the kind of people that just go local for the sake of going local.  So we did go to a lot of doors, and Central Coast Lending was the best.”
Anurag Pande, San Luis Obispo