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The San Luis Obispo County includes data for all 15 cities that make up the county for the first 3 quarters (January-September) of 2017.

3rd Quarter SLO County 2017 vs. 3rd Quarter SLO County 2016

  • 2,336 total number of sales (2017) vs. 2,168 (2016)
  • $642,717 average median home price (2017) vs. $591,456 (2016)
  • 72% average sales vs. list price (2017) vs. 97.57% (2016)
  • $426.26 average price per square foot (2017) vs. $384.58 (2016)
  • 69 average cumulative days on market (2017) vs. 79 (2016)

All five of the factors tracked San Luis Obispo County improved from the first three quarters of 2016 to the first three quarters of 2017. These improvements include a 168 increase in total homes sold in the county. The average median home price increased by $51,261 or just over $50,000. Average sale price per a listing price percentage increased, but by only 0.15%. The average price per square foot increased on a yearly basis by $41.68. Lastly, the average cumulative days on market posted a decrease of 10 days, meaning homes for sale are selling at a faster pace in the third quarter of 2017 compared to the third quarter of 2016, despite the higher prices seen this year in both median home price and price per square foot. These 2017 third quarter statistics show a year on year improvement to all factors of the market tracked in this report for San Luis Obispo County.

All data is compiled from the Scenic Coast Multiple Listing Service and published by Keith Byrd at SloCountyHomes.com.


Click to read the full 2nd Quarter San Luis Obispo County real estate overview.



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