Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance

Beginning this past January 1, 2016, a new rental housing inspection ordinance was put in place in the city of San Luis Obispo. The purpose of this ordinance is to […]

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December Community Events 2015

Holiday Happenings!
It’s December and the holidays are upon us yet again, SLO county has a variety of events throughout the month to help get you in the holiday spirit! Click […]

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San Luis Obispo County October 2014 Event Guide

October on the California Central Coast might be the best month of the year for blending “fun for the whole family” and “fun with the friends.” You have your family […]

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San Luis Obispo County’s Workforce Housing Revolution

SLO County Has a Housing Problem. A Solution Might Finally be Arriving.
Halfway through 2014, the median price of single-family homes sold in San Luis Obispo County rose to $485,000, a […]

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A great room becomes GREAT!

The kitchen this month started life as a wide-open and airy space with somewhat drab cabinets.  Its bones were great, some of the details were interesting – the pendant lights, […]

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10 Easy Tips for a Beautiful Water-Efficient Spring Garden

1. I woke up this morning to a deafening racket. Without regard for my attire, I shot out of the house to see what was making such a clatter. The sewer […]

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The Best Post-Work Activities on the Central Coast

Windows on the Water in Morro Bay and Marisol at the Cliffs in Pismo Beach offer two of the finest dining experiences on the Central Coast. The atmosphere, the food, and especially the […]

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A Beach Cottage

This is the happy little story of a young couple and their very first house. Recently married, the young couple needed a nest of their very own and they found […]

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Search engine optimization basics for small business

By Scott Brennan
Access Publishing

Why should you care about search engine optimization? Well, if you are in business, you want customers to find you online. In 2014, 97 percent of […]

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The People of San Luis Obispo’s Thursday Night Farmers’ Market

Thursday night Farmers’ Market is one of San Luis Obispo’s most popular attractions for locals and tourists alike. In addition to the great food and friendly atmosphere, one of the […]

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