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September 14, 2012

Mortgage Matters Radio: September 8

by Central Coast Lending

Dan Ferreira of Ferreira Contracting joins us this week on Mortgage Matters. But first, Dan and Jason talk politics- choosing  fantasy football over watching the political conventions, and the concept of taking an entire year off a job to campaign.

There was a big focus on jobs this past week with jobless reports and new jobless claims figures out. But how bad are things actually? The drop in unemployment is seen as a sign that more people are dropping out of the labor force, but how much of this is simply from people retiring?

Dan Ferreira talks about his background in construction management, and transitioning from overseeing large projects into starting his own company with smaller, local projects. He talks about his companies’ green building practices, and their focus on cutting down waste through proper planning and efficient use of building materials.


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