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September 14, 2012


SLO County Locals blog: Boston vs the California Central Coast (in pictures)

by Central Coast Lending

Which landscape commands your imagination’s most urgent attention?

Boston (1)


(Pictured: Downtown Boston above and “The Rock” in Morro Bay below).

I call it the fist of Boston. The place where metropolitan Boston meets its city. The land is bounded to the north and east by the Charles river and the harbor network, and to the west and south by a great, flat sprawl of community.

Downtown Boston is as layered as any wealthy, modern city. It has its financial district pushed together, around and above the Chinatowns and Italys and the cosmopolitan leavings of American history. What I have found beneath the skyline is a special mix of brick, revolution and greenery, all threaded with concrete and on the edge of the Atlantic ocean.

I asked talented photographer, grad student, Californian, and traveling partner (among other things) Lauren Kinrich to capture our take on the city of Boston and frame it against the Central Coast. Here is what we put together:



The narrow red brick “freedom trail” zigzags through historical landmarks downtown and across the river to Charlestown and Bunker Hill. Pictured nearby is an old graveyard with headstones from the 1600s, grounded into smooth, small planks by centuries of exposure.



The site of the Boston massacre (left) and the Old South Meeting House (right) are historical landmarks along the freedom trail.

Switching gears now…



San Luis Obispo County has its own mix of history. Pictured here, the restored Spanish Mission in downtown SLO.


The Central Coast has its share of old graveyards from settlers pioneering out to the Ol’ West. Pictured is the graveyard from Adelaida, a once bustling town that dwindled away in the foothills west of Paso Robles.



The Boston Public Garden and the Commons are two beautiful, peaceful green spaces in the midst of the city.



The Central Coast has beaches that are easy to access and wide open spaces just a brief drive in any direction.



Boston loves its statues. Pictured top is George Washington. The other two are silly fellows I found around town (I’m not so sure who they are).


For the Central Coast rebuttal, how about the Cowboy at the Mid-State Fair grounds in Paso Robles?



The T (pictured left) is the public transportation that takes you out from the middle of Boston. The San Luis Obispo trolley (pictured right) doesn’t take you much of anywhere you couldn’t walk… but it sure is cute.


The Charles River separates downtown Boston from Cambridge to the north. The river is flanked by two busy streets and a thin strip of park. If you squint your eyes (and crop the photo correctly), you can ignore the congestion of cars.



The… river (?)… in San Luis Obispo? Moving on…

Ms. Kinrich supplied me with enough pictures to go on for ages, but I will stop here. Boston is about perfect for my sensibilities: an average sized city with enough variable and hidden character to keep me exploring for years at a time. But my lasting loyalties?



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  1. Sep 14 2012

    I, haven’t never been to Boston, want to thank the writer for such a pleasant tour of this famous city — complete with humor. SLO, I’m happy to say, is an experience I have enjoyed to the hilt. Keep the articles coming. You have a sagacious eye, and a poetic wit with which you write.

  2. Sep 14 2012

    Wonderful idea! Your non-comment on the SLO “river” made me laugh out loud. Beautiful places, both.

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