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April 11, 2012

Professional Insight Blog: Home Maintenance Experts

by Rylan Stewart


Housing Painting – Joel Tolbert

Joel Tolbert is a professional house painting contractor and owner of Tolbert Painting. You can reach him by email at

9/21/12 – When to use elastomeric paint

8/22/12 - Why (and how) to hire a professional to paint your house

7/24/12 – Tips for choosing a new color for your home

6/20/12 – DIY The importance of personal protective equipment

5/16/12 – DIY How to paint straight lines and avoid paint bleed

4/24/12 – How (and why) to deal with peeling paint on the exterior of your home

3/20/12 – Mold and Your House

2/14/12 – Avoid Volatile Paint Products



Interior Design – Claudia Harmon Worthen

Eco Planners Logo

Claudia Harmon Worthen is the principal designer at EcoPlanners LLC, a network of sustainability experts in building and interior design on the Central Coast of California. You can reach her by email at [email protected].

8/29/12 – Water recycling basics Part 2: storage and runoff prevention

7/24/12 – Water recycling basics Part 1: reusing greywater

6/25/12 – Microwaves: the good, the bad and the ugly

5/22/12 – How to avoid household chemicals and how to use healthier options

5/3/12 – Plants that Clean the Air


3/27/12- Fighting Toxic Chemicals in Your Home


Landscaping – Evan Moffitt

Evan Moffitt works for KD Janni Landscaping Inc. Feel free to contact him with all of your landscaping questions by email [email protected] and by phone at 805.541.4944.

4/11/12 - The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass

3/13/12 - The Importance of Design

2/7/12 - Preparing for Spring

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