Green Goods on Mortgage Matters

We had a really fun guest this week – Tim Kelly from Green Goods. On Friday we had a bit of a Mortgage Matters outing to check out their showroom on 111 South Street in San Luis Obispo, and we found ourselves making excuses to start home renovations so that we could use some of their […]

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San Luis Obispo Home Show recap: a fun weekend with the locals

Thanks again to the San Luis Obispo Home Show for an excellent, fun event this past weekend! We met all kinds of local businesses and citizens, who flocked to the Alex Madonna expo center on September 22 and 23 to talk all things “home.” We feel our booth was a success, and we will be […]

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How to Read a Rate Sheet

An average rate sheet will have ten or so rates listed on it and next to those rates will be an associated cost or rebate (money the bank is willing to pay for closing cost etc.).  In other words, the lower the rate, the higher the cost, and the higher the rate, the lower the […]

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Breaking Down Interest Rate Movement… Costs Increase

Why are interest rates increasing?

Actually, it is more accurate to describe the recent movement in rates as a movement in the cost of the rate.  In other words the rates that we were previously seeing are still available, but there is a higher closing cost associated with the lower rates than there was a week […]

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FHA Fees to Increase

Before the end of 2011, Congress and President Obama agreed to extend the payroll tax cut.  One item that got snuck into the bill was a little piece allowing HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) to increase insurance premiums on FHA loans (Federal Housing Administration). This fee increase is likely to take effect by April 1, […]

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Janice Peters: On Hollywood, Mayors, and Small-Town Life

I sat down with the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce 2011 Citizen of the Year and former mayor Janice Peters to talk movie business, community service, and small-town life. Follow the jump to find out what movie Peters played in, her proudest moment as mayor, and her endeavors to bring Hollywood to the Central Coast.

Janice […]

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VA and Jumbo Loans

Big day for the office today! We completed VA and Jumbo loan training to stay on top of our game. If you know any veterans or potential “jumbo” loan applicants, send ‘em our way… we are ready.

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Estate Panning Basics Part 1: Giving How You Want to Give

I believe that the primary goal in estate planning is making sure that you leave your wealth to […]

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Small Town Living, Big City Writing

I am always surprised to hear that “somebodies” frequent our small town and the Central Coast in general. Having lived in Morro Bay for most of my life, I think this is some part small town mentality – that the world happens around us, but we stay the same.

Well, the star-studded world happens here too.

Many […]

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Jason VanDyke: When the Lowest Rate is NOT the Best Plan

Jason VanDyke takes a look at a situation where refinancing to the lowest available rate isn’t the best option, and reminds us that every mortgage situation is different. Don’t get sold on a plan before making sure it is in your best interest (pun intended).

Breaking news…this just in…. “The domestic, and global, economic outlook is […]

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