Consumer Spending, New Home Sales and Rate Update

In the spirit of the holiday season, we have a retail sales update, new home sales numbers, and a brief market recap.

Initial estimates of […]

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HARP 2 Guidelines Released

Some weeks ago, we had a post on here about the announcement of the HARP II loan program, which would modify the first HARP program and broaden the base of eligibility for home refinance.  Last week, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released the official guidelines for the program. What follows is a review of the […]

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Super Committee Failure, Existing Home Sales Numbers, HARP 2 Unveiled

We begin the week with bad news from the much hyped “super committee” that was created in an effort to cut the deficit. The […]

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Rate Update

Last week, the Central Coast Economic Forecast gave us some interesting numbers. San Luis Obispo County taxable sales are expected to grow 5.1 percent […]

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European Debt, Jobless Rate, Home Price, and Interest Rate Update

Last week on Monday, the Dow ended October with a 9.5 percent gain.  By Tuesday, gains had been cut by over a quarter.  Stocks […]

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